Clean Team

Carpet Maintenance Guidelines

For Commercial Applications

Table of Contents

Purpose of Cleaning and Maintenance 

Maintenance Plan and Schedule – the five elements 

Carpet Performance 

Clean and Dry – Improving air quality and environment 

Developing a Carpet Maintenance Plan 

VACUUMING – Recommended flooring maintenance 

Basic Scientific Principles of Effective Restorative Cleaning 

CLEANING – Recommended flooring maintenance 

Hard Surfaces Adjoining Carpet Surfaces 

Spills and Spots and How to Effectively Treat Them

Summary of Carpet Cleaning Principles 




Kawartha Clean Team, would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the following people for their

direction and input into the Carpet Maintenance Guidelines.

Dr. Michael A. Berry, Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC.

D.T. Bradford, CR, Commercial Carpet Maintenance Chairman, IICRC, Arnold,


Cindy Sayre, Product Maintenance Specialist, Shaw Industries, Inc., Dalton, GA.

Carpet has excellent wear and soiling characteristics, which are unique and totally unlike

those inherent to other floor coverings.

This publication is written to assist facilities managers, maintenance supervisors and

anyone who buys, sells, specifies, or is responsible for the maintenance of a commercial carpet installation. It is designed to provide information in two very important areas:

first, to build awareness of the importance of clean carpet and good indoor air quality;

and second, to offer recommendations that will assist in developing a maintenance plan tailored to the commercially carpeted environment.

Written in concise, yet thorough fashion, the information included in the Carpet

Maintenance Guidelines is science based and backed up by sound environmental

management principles. If utilized, its contents can help foster a healthier indoor

environment and extend the life of the carpet.

Where any doubt exists as to the best method of cleaning a carpet, check with the

manufacturer of the carpet or seek expert advice from a professional.

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