Clean Team

  • Summary of Carpet Cleaning Principles
  • 1. Dry Soil Removal through vacuuming in three areas: overall with an efficient commercial vacuum; in entries to remove abrasive particle soils;and along edges (perimeter of rooms) to remove dust and dirt build-up thatcan cause soil filtration.
  • 2. Soil suspension through chemical action to dissolve, suspend andemulsify soils; elevated temperature (heat) to excite chemicals for optimum performance; agitation for uniform chemical distribution to achieve maximum contact with soils; and dwell tinte to allow chemicals
  • to suspend embedded or oxidized soils.
  • 3. Wet extraction of suspended soils through absorption, wet vacuuming,rinsing to flush suspended soils from fibers, and/or dry vacuuming following cleaning and drying to remove detergent and soil residues.
  • 4. Finishing or Grooming (Pile Setting) of carpet surface in order to:maximize appearance for customer; distribute additives, such as fabric protectors; promote drying by untangling tufts; and eliminate appearance of matting and crushing that causes complaints.
  • 5. Drying: to minimize customer inconvenience and promote safety and health, use adequate ventilation for speeding up drying time. The use of commercial air movers (drying fans), HVAC handling systems, or dehumidifiers greatly reduces drying time.

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