Clean Team

  • Maintenance Plan and Schedule – the five elements
  • A customized comprehensive carpet care program consists of five elements:  
  • 1.Soil Containment- isolation of soil entering the building using mats at entrances. 
  • 2.Vacuuming– scheduled frequency for removal of dry soil using a CRI approved “Green Label” vacuum. 
  • 3.Spot and Spill Removal System - using professional spot removal techniques.
  • 4.Interim Cleaning – scheduled frequency appearance cleaning for all traffic areas. 
  • 5.Restorative Cleaning– scheduled frequency deep cleaning to remove residues and trapped soils. 
  • There are some conditions where appearance change must be expected.  In areas where 
  • the oily material from asphalt sealers is tracked into the building, carpet and other 
  • flooring may become yellowed over time. Check the traffic lanes often forslight dulling 
  • of color; this indicates a build up of soil.  It is virtually impossible to remove all of this 
  • material once it has penetrated the fiber of any carpet.  Entrance mats and scheduled 
  • cleaning can reduce this phenomenon.  Areas where large amounts of sandy soil enter the 
  • building may become dull in appearance over time.  This is due to abrasion of the fiber 
  • surface, affecting the reflection of light.  Frequent vacuuming helps to minimize this problem.   
  • A thoughtfully designed and implemented maintenance program performed by qualified 
  • personnel, properly equipped and trained, is essential for optimal long-term performance. 
  • If you don’t maintain it, you can’t expect it to stay clean. 

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